Lawn army grub control without spraying

Controlling army grubs without spraying and 3 steps to a great winter lawn

Last week when i was mowing the lawn i noticed some small 3cm sized grey moths flying up out of my lawn, disturbed by the lawn mower and not wanting to be turned into garden mulch they…

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The one plant in a row that just won’t grow

Troubleshooting tips for the runt of the hedge, screen or mass planting

A beautiful healthy row of young hedging plants, let’s use a Murraya hedge as an example as most Lake Macquarie gardeners have grown these at some stage. Nineteen of the twenty in your screening are growing well, they…

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To water or not to water on a hot day?

Hot days and why we should water in the heat of the day

36 degrees Wednesday, 34 Thursday, 39 its day two of a three day scorcher, tomorrow is predicted as the 39 degree day. If you only water your garden or pots 3 times a year watering this afternoon…

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Why do plants always look better at the shops?

Although this is not quite true as the most memorable flourishing, flowering or the biggest veggies that i see are nearly always at a local Lake Macquarie or Newcastle customers house when i’m there on delivery or garden design.

The good news is there is a common thread between what all…

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Relaxing in your garden

Garden design that’s fun

A hot soothing bath and a glass of wine after a day in the garden. Relaxing in the garden is all about you, it’s your place to nurture your favourite plants or just express yourself in the privacy of your own backyard where it doesn’t matter…

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Plant it so it flourishes

Planting tips to make your plants flourish like they do in a nursery

How to get your plants to look healthier and grow better: Planting in the full sun or out in the elements

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Feeding with organic fertilizers

Using organic fertilizers to enrich your garden

When to use an organic plant food

There are hundreds of different types and brands of fertilizers to choose from, making choosing the best plant food for your garden very challenging. To simplify all these i like to

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