Norm and Marilyn’s garden design

Garden design ideas for Lake Macquarie gardens

Pictured is the finished front entry garden of retired couple Norm and Marilyn’s Lake Macquarie home. The brief when designing this garden was to have some color and impact but to keep the planting simple and easy to care for.

Norm and Marilyn used…

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Summer gardening and 2 ideas to make the most of it

2 Summer gardening tips that will save you time!

Summer in the garden is about value, to the home entertainer value might be when the new pot plant from last season kicks on and pleases you with some flourishing new growth and beautifies the patio. To the time poor or…

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Best early rippening tomatoes for Newcastle

Early ripening tomatoes: The best two for Newcastle and The Hunter valley

Choosing and growing early tomatoes

Every year at both our Lake Macquarie and our Rutherford nurseries we get asked for tomatoes late in winter. Or in tomato growing terms very very early. It seems right across Newcastle and the…

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Growing potted plants

One step potting mix renovation and growth solution

How too: revive old potted plants and get flourish results again

Would you like to be able to take a tired old pot plant and restore its dark green lustre and growth with a single one dose product?

One Minute Rocket Fuel for pots…

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