The absolute minimum water your lawn can survive on in the heat

Lawn survival in a hot dry summer

How dry can you let the lawn get without the dry patches turning into dead patches?

The past four weeks in Warners bay we have had daytime temperatures reaching the mid to high 30’s everyday and no meaningful rain, on top of this my phone weather app says no rain until Friday week. That’s 10 more days of hot sunny conditions on your already dry lawn. I think it would be safe to say that all of our lawns are dry and could do with a small amount of watering.

Here’s my absolute minimum water, watering technique to keep my grass alive when no rain has fallen for weeks in a hot summer.

Using a tap timer ( simple wind up kind will do ) hose and a soaker style sprinkler. I like to give each dry patch of lawn just 10 minutes of water every third day.

The tap timer saves me forgetting it is on and also keeps it convenient for when i go to bed or out. Just slide the sprinkler along to the next dry patch wind on 10 minutes on the timer and forget about it.

This amount of water should cost less than 60c per day even less if you have a water tank. All in all a lot more convenient than replacing grass where dead spots have appeared in the summer heat. 60c too much? It is worth remembering this minimum watering regime doesn’t go on for long, rarely more than two weeks! That’s $8.40 the price of one square metre of turf. I guarantee you will save a lot more grass than that.

Rules for using a fixed sprinkler in Lake Macquarie or Newcastle to water existing lawns and gardens.  Basically Hunter Waters rules are it is ok to use fixed sprinklers before 10am in the morning and after 4pm in the afternoon. Check out the link if you have any further questions.

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  1. Huw Ellis 2 years ago | Reply

    My lawn has remained quite green despite the recent conditions. I have had to mow it regularly , once a week, but not too low.
    I left it for two weeks in the recent heat and it survived well. I noted a very small patch yesterday of severe browning. Could this be the dreaded army grub? Already? Anyhow I have given it a hit and hope it does not spread. A comment welcome.

    • Cherry Road Nursery 2 years ago | Reply

      Hi Huw well done keeping your lawn nice in the dry spell. Army grub is causing many lawn problems right now. To check put a wet piece of old carpet on the edge of the effected area and leave over night. In the morning if army grub is present they will be visible under the carpet. Thanks Matt

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