Express FREE garden design service

Our most popular service! When it’s time you made a start on that gardening project or renovation job and all you need is a bit of good old fashioned personalized help or landscaping ideas. We have a trained and qualified garden design team member on duty 7 days a week and at your service. We can have your design, layout and garden done and delivered all on the same day. Let us know when you inquire that it’s urgent and ask about our same day service!

Here’s you get from our FREE garden design service.

  • A personal appointment with a qualified horticulturist/ garden designer
  • Shown the actual plants we are suggesting to make sure your happy with them
  • Your new garden layout mocked up with your chosen plants so you can visualize it and fine tune
  • Simple effective advice so you get great results once you get the plants home
  • Plant return service in case you get one home and dont need it
  • The back up service of a local business in case you need a hand down the track

To book your free consultation click here…..and mention the FREE garden design offer.


Garden design that works…the first time

Our goal is to help you design, choose and implement the garden you desire. To do this we would like to invite you come in or contact us via email and share your thoughts with us. One of our team of trained horticulturists will then  spend some one on one time with you in-store or on site asking you some questions so we can better understand the look and feel you are after.

Whether you live in one of Newcastle’s older suburbs and need practical gardening ideas for a formal garden design or you are after something lower care and minimalist for one of Lake Macquarie’s newer suburbs like Cameron Park. The plants and garden design ideas we help you choose with your input will suit your tastes and lifestyle.

Why choose us?

Unlike many garden designers we work with plants every day. We have been doing this for over 25 years seeing many new gardening themes and trends become popular over the years. Our horticulturists are working with these plants new and tried on a daily basis, caring for and growing all the plants you might choose in your garden. This hands on experience helps us understand better all the finer points of growing popular plants like box hedging. Most gardeners believe box hedging to be slow growing, with the right advice this popular plant used in many of Newcastle’s formal gardens can grow around 60cm per year.

This rapid growth advice is one example of how the Cherry Road team can add value to the plants you choose. Faster growth means you could choose smaller plants or space the hedge plants further apart saving money.

Fast results

Often we can supply you with all the inspiration, help and gardening goods to get you started within 30 minutes, no waiting weeks for the plants to arrive from interstate either, our plants are grown in the sun on site or sourced locally and grown by horticulturists.

Garden installation and planting services

If you need a bit more help than just choosing the right plants we also can deliver and install them for you. Our landscaping team offers turf laying and garden preparation, mulching, mini makeovers as well as full plant outs from new soil through to mulching and feed to get a flourishing garden fast.

Check out our work… this garden design/make-over was done at a Bronwyn and Steve’s Charlestown home. The brief was we need some help and garden design ideas to renovate this hot dry sloping backyard garden. We organized a time to meet in store for a free garden design visit. Armed only with some pictures of the existing garden and the information the new plants needed to be low care and hardy we came up with this minimalist design. We also helped move into place the large number of polished black pebbles bags when we delivered the plants. Note a big well done to Bronwyn and Steve who did all the install work themselves!

Garden design and inspiration plan: When you have multiple gardens to plant or you just need some inspiration and a plan, Cherry Road’s design team will help you visualize your dream garden and get it on paper or pixel. With your input we will tailor a planting schedule to suit your home or office as well as suggestions for placement of wow factor garden features such as fountains, urns and garden statues. Included is a site visit by appointment when we measure up and take photos, soil samples we also spend enough time with you asking questions to get an understanding of the look and feel you desire. A plan is then drawn up with all of our planting and design suggestions for your appraisal. You will also get a quote to supply and install the new plants and garden supplies.

Success guarantee

When you use and follow Cherry Road Nurseries garden design, landscape design or planting advice services we are so sure we can get your job right the first time that we will replace any plant that does not flourish in your new garden or landscaping project. Our replace guarantee is available on plants purchased at retail price, any discounted plants are not covered by the guarantee.