5 Foolproof Tips for Buying Water Features

Whether you’re putting together a new garden or trying to breathe some life into your existing one, you should definitely consider adding one or more water features. From an expert gardener’s perspective, I believe water features can improve the aesthetics of any garden.

Water features can be used as either an accent or the focal point of your garden and furthermore, the constant flow of water also makes a garden feel more natural, more alive, and, best of all, more calming. This is why we offer a range of fountains, ponds and lily bowls here at Cherry Road Nursery.

While we’re most well known for our plants, I am continually asked about our extensive range of water features. The question customers all want to know is which product I think will best meet their needs. If you are in the same boat and want to buy a water feature, but are not 100% sure as to what to look for when purchasing one, then continue reading this article as I’ll provide some foolproof tips to help you make the right decision.

1. Check your garden space.

The most important thing to consider before buying water features is to check how much space you have. Since they come in different sizes, this question alone can significantly narrow down your choices and make the decision more manageable.

Also, keep in mind that most water features need to be placed on the ground. Even if you have available space, make sure it is suitable to hold a water feature such as a fountain, especially if you want something elaborate like our Elegant urn fountain. If you have only limited ground space, we have a lot of freestanding fountains that will be more suitable, like the Shoulder urn range.

2. Consider your desired height.

Depending on the garden design you have in mind, you may find yourself in need of either a low-profile water feature or a high-rise one. You may even find that your available garden space will determine the outcome of this decision for you.

If you want your water feature keep low to the ground, you may be looking for something like our large glazed water lily bowls. If you want some height, which is effective for attracting birds, I suggest one of my personal favourites – our kissing doves set, which includes a kissing dove statue, an urn and a pedestal.

3. Plan your power source.

The majority of water features are powered by an extremely efficient low wattage recirculating pump, which runs on electricity. Some customers buy attractive fountains without first planning how they will hook it up to a power source. Most pumps come with a 10m lead giving plenty of length to place your fountain right where you want it.

4. Be consistent in terms of style.

Keep the aesthetic appeal of your garden consistent with that of your home. You can do this by choosing water features that matches your home’s style, décor and colour scheme.

Come see me at Cherry Road Nursery and I will personally show you our range of water features. To give you an idea of what we have on offer, our opal glaze fountain, available in oxblood and jade will help create a rustic feel. Whereas, our bronze beehive fountain and our Buddha sitting fountain, which comes complete with an LED lights and a spinning ball, are ideal for Asian-inspired Zen gardens. Going for a more contemporary look? You’ll surely love the clean lines and simple elegance of our hourglass pebble water feature

As you can see, there are water fountains to blend with a variety of styles. Finding the one that will complement your home is key.

5. Keep your purpose in mind.

Water feature are not always simply for the aesthetics. Some customers purchase them because they’re looking to set up a small fish pond while others are interested in planting water plants. If you are thinking of adding fish and plants to your garden, this will certainly impact your decision in a major way, especially when it comes to the size and location of your water future. You’ll likely need a pond or a lily bowl, rather than a standing fountain, and also a lot more floor space.


When choosing the right water feature for your garden, just keep 5 things in mind: your available space, your preferred height, a power source, your home’s style and décor and your purpose.

Now that we’ve run through these 5 foolproof tips, I hope you feel more confident in making a decision. But if you’re not, don’t fret. Just visit me, Matt The one Minute Gardener, at Cherry Road Nursery and I’ll see to it that all your questions about water features will be answered.

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