Moses in the cradle 100mm


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Moses in the cradle or Rhoea

Moses in the cradle is an extremely hardy tropical looking border plant. Suitable for shade or full sun as a border, hanging basket plant or second tier under planting. Distinguished by its unusual purple and green leaves this plant also looks great as a mass planting along retaining walls where you can see the purple undersides of the leaves.

Moses in the cradle has few pests and can be one of the hardiest of all potted plants especially when watering is minimal. We have seen this plant go for months without water.


To minimize the chance of over watering we use a coarse coir based potting mix and One Minute Fertilizer in our Lake Macquarie wholesale nursery, this mix is physically very light in weight too which makes it a pleasure to move in large pots or hanging baskets where weight is not desirable.

Plant disclaimer

Because all of our plants are fed and potted up regularly the pictures shown here on our website become inaccurate at times. Seasonal plants are also unavailable at certain times of year due to climatic and planting requirements. We suggest you contact us for up to date information on any plants you are considering purchasing so we can send you a current photo and pricing.


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