Senecio Blue Chalk Sticks


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Blue Chalk Sticks

100mm pots

Named because of the leaflets resemblance to blue sticks of chalk. This succulent is a true arid tolerant plant, grown for its striking blue mass that spreads like a ground cover to around 1-2m per plant.


Most commonly used as a mass under planting in gardens where maintenance and watering is kept to a minimum. Once established the Blue Chalk sticks succulent can survive with no watering except the rain in our climate here in Lake Macquarie. We have also used the Chalk Sticks succulent in mixed succulent gardens, large hanging baskets and as clumps of contrasting color in garden designs where low care gardening is preferred.

We have this hardy succulent mass under planted with our Dragon tree specimen plants in the nursery.


Very easy to grow once established so care can be next to none. One notable idea we use in the Eleebana garden center is to trim off the flowers when they are in bud, this increases the impact of the blue chalk sticks foliage. Suitable for full sun and shade gardens where drainage is good. For thicker darker blue plants use a quality potting mix and feed regularly with a controlled release fertilizer.



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