Yucca Desmetiana, Aloifolia

Yucca Desmetiana, Aloifolia


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Yucca Desmetiana: purple thorn-less dwarf yucca

What a great little feature plant the yucca desmetiana, this beautiful small growing yucca grows to 1m. Related to Yucca Elephant types only by its tough resilient drought proof habits. No rampaging growth, eye spiking tips or massive overuse in your neighborhood.


The purple thorn-less yucca makes a great low care plant suitable for pots in the full sun or part shaded positions. Extreme drought tolerance makes this a suitable specimen plant for those who like to travel or work away from home and are not there to water potted plants on the patio or balcony.

Growing only to a max of 1m tall your pots wont blow over on a windy day and pruning is never an issue. Once the Yucca Desmetiana grows to around 80cm we give it a tip prune straight through the truck leaving about 40cm above the ground. This prune causes a multi trunked habit to start which looks great in the cooler months with 4 to 5 times more stems that all turn a purple color.

Watering and care

Once planted watering and care are just about nil. A prune once after two years as described earlier and that’s it. In pots we like to feed twice a year with quality controlled release plant food like One minute Fertilizer to help bring out the vibrant winter foliage colors.

We have seen these plants when potted in a quality potting mix like Eclipse for pots and tubs go without watering at my Lake Macquarie home through the record dry spell of summer 2016 of 40 days over 32 degrees Celsius without rain or added water. In the garden plant and forget.



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