Summer gardening and 2 ideas to make the most of it

2 Summer gardening tips that will save you time!

Summer in the garden is about value, to the home entertainer value might be when the new pot plant from last season kicks on and pleases you with some flourishing new growth and beautifies the patio. To the time poor or reluctant gardener, value might come in the satisfaction of doing nothing to the garden, while enjoying a well planned garden of low care foliage plants that continues to look it’s colorful best. To us in our Warners bay garden centre value is being able to pot up a Sunpatien plant and have it grow nearly a meter across in a month with 300 flowers. Summer in the garden means fast results!

Here are a couple of my favorite ways to take advantage of the way plants grow faster in summer

1. Succulents from propagation to having roots in 2 weeks

Hardier succulents like Agave, Moses in the cradle and pig face can be cut from the original plant and placed straight into the soil where you wish it to grow, if it rains they will often surprise you with how quick they take root, i have seen Moses in the cradle take root in a week. Each new plant takes no longer than 30 seconds of your time. Try this at home if you have the Moses in the cradle, regular propagating of this succulent saves you if one ever dies from a wet weather overdose.

Watch this short 2 min video to see how we propagate Moses in the cradle and Dracaenas. The parent plants in this video have not been pruned for over 12 months and not watered other than rain since April 2015 this year. This colorful mix is a good example of low care foliage plants at work on a deck.

For large leaf and slightly less arid tolerant succulents reliable results of around 8 out 10 plants growing will come from cuttings sown into a well drained potting media and placed in the shade while they take root. Our secret blend for succulents that you can simply grow the new plant on in once it shoots is a 50% Coir 50% Eclipse potting mix blend. We use this mix in the nursery for all of our arid plants for potting up and propagating. The Eclipse potting mix holds the nutrients and water and the coir adds air and drainage.

2. Planting anything when size matters

With hedges or particularly screens plantings the faster they establish the better. In summer bigger starter plants are the norm.

When planting a screen with big summer plants in their growth season the establishment time can be half or less. One summer we prepared and planted a Murraya hedge in a Valentine home owners garden.  Growing from 70cm to 2m tall, trimmed into shape in less than two years using Supergrow soil, One Minute Fertilizer and water. Outrageous growth like this is possible when you use hot weather and good timing to your advantage.

Murrayas are one of our favorite hedging plants for Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and lower Hunter areas ticking all the important boxes for a great hedge plant. Three steps to a great hedge…. check out this link to an older post on what to look for in a hedge plant.

Some other plants that can be found to be extra OS in value in summer are Lilly Pillies, Camellias, Red robbins, Murrayas and box hedge plants.

If you need some help choosing plants that suit your garden and lifestyle and are keen to make a start this summer you could try our FREE garden design service. This service is available to everyone, to book yours contact us from the garden design page a we will get back to you to make an appointment.





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