Norm and Marilyn’s garden design

Garden design ideas for Lake Macquarie gardens

Pictured is the finished front entry garden of retired couple Norm and Marilyn’s Lake Macquarie home. The brief when designing this garden was to have some color and impact but to keep the planting simple and easy to care for.

Norm and Marilyn used our FREE garden ideas and design service.

Getting started

Starting with just a picture of the garden area taken on Norm’s phone, brought into us at our Warners Bay garden center. One of our garden design team then asked a few questions to learn the aspect and soil type we had to work. Establishing that the garden had been recently topped up with rich Supergrow organic garden soil and that it was in sun most of the day we could move on to what type of plants to put in the garden design.

See what it looks like before you buy

Using plants we had on hand to help visualize the garden designs final appearance we showed Norm some different suitable planting combinations. A few different choice combinations were put in front of Norm by our team and we settled on the Lime green taller back hedge plant contrasted with the purple low ground cover in front.

The fun bit

With the big decisions made and open spaces filled in this design it was time for the fun bit, selecting the finishing touches. At first we thought a garden statue might look nice placed between the back lime green hedge plants and low purple ground cover. Showing our range to Norm it was decided to see if we could re use some glazed pots he already had at home.

Three color similar pots were chosen as feature pots for the entry area. One in the garden and two behind against the patio. Next we needed a plant that stood out but also looked great with the plants chosen so far and could handle the full sun. It was decided that three full sun hardy Bromeliads would be used as the final touch. These Bromeliads were perfect for Norms lifestyle being sun hardy without the need for daily watering most pots need in the warmer months.


A big thanks must go out to Norm and Marilyn for following our simple care and planting advice and for the great pruning job on the hedges. Well done it looks great!







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